Key Markets for Our Products

Here at Keeling & Walker we are a solutions provider. Manufacturing products to match the needs of our customers and clients is the core of our business. Keeling & Walker tin oxides are used in many different markets, while our functional pigment business has a clear focus on polymer and coating markets.

No matter the market or where our customers are located in the world, every market and customer brings their own specific challenges. At Keeling & Walker, we know this and always strive to create the best solutions and most value for our customers.

Tin Oxide Markets

Manufacturing tin oxide is the key business of Keeling & Walker. Starting with just a single grade of tin oxide, our product portfolio grew over the years to match the requirements of different industries.

For Tin Oxide the important markets are:

Functional Pigments Markets

Keeling & Walker is one of the pioneers in manufacturing Near Infrared Absorbing materials.

The Functional Pigments are focussed on:

Specialty Tin Oxides

Specialty Tin Oxides

Keeling & Walker has now succeeded in making coarse Tin Oxides via a proprietary thermal oxidation process and with Particle Size Distributions

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Our products are manufactured to the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standard. Learn about Keeling and Walker's commitment to quality.

Have a look at our range of Tin Oxide based materials; functional pigments and nanomaterials for various range of applications.