Tin Oxide

Tin oxide is a white, inert and highly chemically and thermally stable material. Its inertness is the reason for its environmentally friendly and non-toxic profile. Here at Keeling & Walker, we use sophisticated processes and over 80 years of manufacturing experience to produce highly refined and tailored synthetic tin oxides.


Our Superlite range includes the most versatile grades of tin oxide that we produce at Keeling & Walker. A consistent raw material quality and rigorous analytical control of its chemical and physical properties is the key to Superlite’s high performance in various applications.

Applications of Superlite include:

  • Raw material for ceramic colour pigments
  • Opacifier for Glazes
  • Refining additive in the glass industry
  • Abrasives in polishing products
  • Formulation of electroceramics
Key Products:
Tin Oxide Grade Advantage
Superlite Most versatile grade
Superlite C Low Pb grade
SPG Cost effective grade for ceramic pigments
SV5 Free flowing powder grade


Thermox tin oxide grades are manufactured by a unique process proprietary to Keeling & Walker.

With Thermox RL, Keeling & Walker offers the finest thermal grade of tin oxide on the market.

Thermox tin oxides show superior performance results in sintering processes.

Applications of Thermox grades include:

  • Electrodes for LCD glass manufacturing
  • Glass Refining Additives
  • Friction Materials, brake pads
  • Electrical contact materials
  • Ceramic colour pigments
Key Products:
Thermox Grades Advantage
VS Excellent sintering properties
VN Excellent sintering properties
EFGE Multipurpose application
RL D50 = 0,2 µm, finest grade

High Purity Tin Oxides

High-tech applications are often only viable if raw materials with specific high purity levels are available.

Ultrathin metal or oxide layers needed in the electronics and semiconductor industry are made via evaporation or sputtering methods. High purity raw materials are the common basis for these processes and enable the formation of defect-free thin films with the required electrical or optical properties.

Here at Keeling & Walker, we provide high purity tin oxides with a minimum purity of 99.99%. We can also provide tin oxide with specific limits for individual trace elements. We offer high purity materials based on thermal oxidation, as well as from wet chemical processes.

Thermox RL-HP offers a small particle size and a uniform and narrow particle size distribution, with excellent sintering properties to allow highly dense and stable target materials to be manufactured.

For radiochemical applications, high purity alphastannic acid (HPASA), as a largely amorphous tin oxide, offers high ion-exchange capacity for specific radionuclides, a well-defined particle size distribution and is manufactured in an environment suitable for pharmaceutical use.

Applications of High Purity grades include:

  • Laser Glass manufacturing
  • Glass Refining Additive for low expansion Glass
  • Sputtering Target materials
  • Advanced Battery materials
  • Medical and Cosmetic applications
Key Products:
Tin Oxide Grades Advantage
Thermox RL-HP Highest purity and smallest uniform particle size distribution
HPMSA 200 m2/g BET surface area
HPTO Chemically precipitated with high bulk density
HPASA Amorphous material for medical application

Specialty Tin Oxides

We will research and develop Tin Oxide properties to produce you a high-quality component to your specific application.

Tailoring the properties of tin oxides to match the requirements of the diverse applications of our customers is one of our strengths here at Keeling & Walker.

Whether that may be a material with a high BET surface area, high reactivity for use in catalyst applications, or the opposite in electrical contact materials, nano-dispersions for coatings which modify refractive index, or tailored materials for gas sensor applications, we can offer a product to suit your needs.
If you can´t find what you are looking for, then please challenge us! We are always open for co-operations.

Applications of Specialty Oxide Grades include:

  • Friction materials, brake Pads
  • Electrical contact materials
  • Coatings with adjusted refractive indices
  • Coatings with high abrasion resistance
  • Coatings for gas sensors
Key Products:
Tin Oxide Grades Advantage
AMSOL Nanodispersion of Tin Oxide in water
CVS 6 D50 = 6 µm for electrical contact application
CS grades Special tailor made products for electrical contact materials with very high stability
PFO150 extra coarse particles: 50% > 75 µm

Stannic Acids

Stannic Acids are hydrated forms of Tin Oxides matching the general formula SnO2 x H2O, also referred to as Metastannic Acids.

They are manufactured by a chemical process, purified, and dried at low temperatures. The manufacturing process produces tin oxide particles with a large number of hydroxyl groups on the surface, which are responsible for the remarkable reactivity of stannic acid. Further modification enables tin oxides with tailored surface areas to be generated.

The higher reactivity of metastannic acids, when compared to tin oxides made via the thermal route, opens a pathway to numerous applications. If used for ceramic colour pigments, intense colour shades may be achieved and it is possible to reduce the number of firing cycles.

Doping the porous structure of metastannic acid with precious metals can produce materials for use in sensor applications. These materials are suitable for the detection of different gases for environmental and air quality control. Similar processes with other metal oxides can generate catalysts for petrochemical processes.

Applications of Stannic Acid Grades include:

  • Ceramic Colour Pigments
  • Catalyst Carrier material
  • Advanced Battery materials
Key Products:
Tin Oxide Grades Advantage
Metastannic Acid 200 m2/g BET surface area and high reactivity
HSATO 35 m2/g BET for catalyst application
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