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Posted on: Thu Jul 6

Keeling & Walker reduces its Carbon Footprint

Since yesterday Keeling & Walker is not only producing Tin Oxide and NIR Absorber but also electricity. The installation of the solar panels was finished and the unit was connected to the grit. On the roof of its factory building at Clarendon Street site a 49,5 kwp unit was mounted, which is projected to provide around 48.000 kWh per year. On its second day of operation the panels already provided more electricity than the Clarendon site did use. Keeling & Walker decided to install the solar panels not only for sustainability and a lower carbon footprint, but also for economic reasons. Given the recent turmoil in the energy markets, having a supply of energy at stable calculatable costs independent from the volatile market prices will provide a stabilizing and balancing effect on the energy bills. Ultimately this will benefit Keeling & Walker´s customers as increasing energy costs and especially their spikes can be buffered to a certain extent. In that respect the solar panels will make a contribution to improve Keeling & Walker´s competitiveness. What can better than making a positive impact on the company´s environmental footprint and at the same time improve its economic situation?

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